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What does Corey Seager not having his “A” swing in 2016 mean for the Dodgers in 2017?

With the 2017 season coming up, there has been quite a bit of attention on the Los Angeles Dodgers rising star, Corey Seager. Reason being is his statement, saying that he has not had his “A” swing throughout the 2016 season. Seager finished the season batting . 308/.365/.512 with a 137 OPS+, .372 wOBA and 137 wRC+ over 157 games. Seager was the Dodgers batting leader in batting average, OBP and hits. Not to mention with 26 home runs, which is the team’s third best just behind Yasmani Grandal and Justin Turner who both hit 27. Based on these stats, he did pretty good for not having his best stuff at the plate.

It’s hard to believe that the 22-year-old All Star, 2016 NL Rookie of the Year, NL MVP finalist (placed 3rd) and Silver Slugger didn’t feel his best throughout the season. With playing the last month of the regular season and playoffs in 2015 to his first full season in 2016, there could be reasons that can prove his statement.  Seager explained to Ken Gurnick of that there was a lack of comfort on the plate “I wasn’t always 100 percent comfortable, I wasn’t uncomfortable, but I wasn’t comfortable … I wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be”. Being comfortable at the plate is key for the players and if they’re not comfortable it’s difficult to get their mechanics right. Whether their feet aren’t in the right spot, their stance isn’t the way they want it, it can be a struggle and it’s something every player goes through.

Los Angeles Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, not only confirms that Seager didn’t have his “A” swing but he knows what he could really be capable of doing once he gets to where he wants to be. “It’s pretty exciting for us” says Roberts, “[Seager’s] learning the league, they’re learning him … there’s no reason we don’t see [him] continuing to get better”. Roberts is enthusiastic of the ability and talent that Seager is yet to show, he knows that he can be an even bigger part of the team than he already is.

What this means for the Dodgers is that they’ll be expecting more hits and runs when they need them. Though they can expect his defensive side to be as great as it was last season, they’ll be looking for the help they need on the offensive side. The Dodgers do tend to lack hitting and runs as the season goes on. This past season the Dodgers were ranked 18th with 4.40 runs per game, ranked 23rd with 8.39 hits per game and total batting average ranked 22nd with 0.247.

If this is true and Corey Seager finds his comfort zone at the plate, can he possibly be a lot better in the 2017 season? For the time being, we are just going to have to wait and see. One thing’s for sure, Dodgers fans have something exciting to look forward to come the 2017 season.