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Way too early 2017 season predictions

Here is a way too early 2017 season prediction, (As rosters stand right now)

MVP (Cy Young’s included):

NL: Nolan Arenado (He is due to hit over 50 Homers at least one of these years and i believe Bud Black will give him the freedom to do so, and if he bumps up his .avg above 300 it shouldn’t even be a question.The Rockies can only get better from here on out, Right?) Honorable mentions: Corey Seager,Kris Bryant,Freddie Freeman,Clayton Kershaw,Carlos Martinez,Max Scherzer.

AL:Mike Trout(He simply is always consistent,however he will change this around and have a 2015 Bryce Harper type of year, except I believe he will ruin opposing pitchers for 40 home runs 125 rbi’s and 30 stolen bases just to sweeten the pot.) Honorable mentions: Francisco Lindor, Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson,Carlos Correra,David Price(Rebound year), Corey Kluber (World Series was just a sample of how he was performing all year),Cole Hamels,Felix Hernandez(He returns to elite status).


Cy Young:

NL: Julio Teheran (this being a very bold prediction, and not just becuase im a Braves fan but because he might not even be the No. 1 starter for the Braves next year (big trade talks). Julio has really good stuff and has a better team with more support and prospects on the rise,he could take over Cy Young talks with a possible low 2’s era and 18+ wins). Honorable mentions: Max Scherzer, Zach Grienke (comeback year),Carlos Martinez,Madison Bumgarner,Clayton Kershaw.

AL: Cole Hamels (I believe Cole Hamels returns to elite status even if he dosen’t pitch for 20 wins. I could see him winning this award with only 16 wins but with a 2.70 era, even in the DH friendly AL.) Honorable mentions: Felix Hernandez (will at least return to a low 3’s era rating.), David Price (comeback year), Corey Kluber.


Rookie of the Year:

NL: Dansby Swanson (Consistent, may even add more power). Honorable mentions: Lucas Giolito, Josh Bell,Ian Happ (should be brought up next year, maybe a bench role maybe not), Hunter Renfroe, Alex Reyes.

AL: Andrew Benintendi (Consistent as well as power, (wait i’ve said this before), not to mention he’s an excellent utility man for the sox considering their positional starting spots are becoming very crowded. Honorable mentions:Carson Fulmer, Franklin Barreto, Brett Honeywell, Bradley Zimmer,Yoan Moncada.


Comeback Player of the year:


NL: Bryce Harper (who would have thought Bryce Harper would be in the running for this award, but this is Baseball, the beautiful thing about this sport is that you literally could fall off at the age of 24 and return to form at age 25. Honorable mentions: Gio Gonzalez,Jason Heyward(it’s happening).

AL: George Springer (he had a bad year, he could easily have a 300 plus Batting avg. next year). Honorable mentions: Alex Gordon (he does not hit .220 avg ever, well he did this year but you know what i mean), Todd Frazier (he won’t be as good as his 2015 self but he will get at least close to it), Dallas Keuchel (way better than what his 2016 season indicated).


Best Record:


NL: Cubs W112 L50 (there is no reason to believe that the Cubs will fall off, not to mention this team really resembles the 1998 Yankees team which began it’s own dynasty. Honorable mentions: Dodgers W99 L63, Nationals W96 L66, Mets W90 L72

AL: Red Sox W105 L57( Talent coming back and possibly adding (interchangeable parts….), Astros W102 L60, Rangers W101 L61 (3, 100 win teams, yep.), Indians W98 L64


Stay tuned to Mlb Mayhem (site and twitter account) for news and updates as soon as they are available. #bringbackthemontrealexpos

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