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The King Is Back

Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated

Cutch is back. There isn't an argument anymore. After the loss of Marte with his 80 game PED suspension, McCutchen was plugged back into center field. He made the most of his opportunity. Over the course of the Cardinals series, Cutch showed a fire that was missing most of last season. He made diving catch after diving catch and even got a few circus catches in. He looked like the 2015 him, which brings into question if 2016 was a fluke season.

It looks like it. Cutch rode a nine game hitting streak into the last game in the Cardinals series and, although he only has a .254 average, is having a much better April than he did last year. It looks like his knee injury may have truly disrupted his campaign lost season and he knows it. It's understandable that he was pissed when they moved him out of center in favor of Starling Marte. It was like the organization didn't trust him anymore. This return to center is his last chance to prove it's where he belongs.

And he's proving himself alright. He's shown that he's back in form. He's also shown a little more. McCutchen has an swagger now that's been missing from the Pirates for a while. Yelling "This is my spot" after making an insane catch is exactly what the Pirates needed. Cutch is pissed and he's going to have a monster season because of it. All hail the king.

Michael Ferro
Michael was born and raised in South Carolina. He loves Pirates baseball and fishing.

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