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The Colorado Rockies Must Sign Mark Trumbo


The Colorado Rockies went out and made a questionable signing during the Winter Meetings. The Rockies signed a five year, $70 million deal with outfielder Ian Desmond. The signing came as a shock as the Rockies already have an influx of outfielders.

Right now, the Rockies outfield consists of Desmond, Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, David Dahl, Gerardo Parra, and Ramiel Tapia. The Rockies should consider trading either Blackmon, interest from the Cardinals, or Gonzalez, no progression in contract extension, for a starting pitcher.

The next signing I feel the Rockies should, or have to make, is free agent slugging first baseman Mark Trumbo. Trumbo led the majors in home runs with a career high 47 last season with the Orioles. He also drove in 108 RBI’s and slugged .533, which is are both career highs. If Trumbo were to sign with the Rockies he could play first base, which gives Colorado the chance to open up an outfield spot, via trade, for the recently signed Desmond.

Yes Camden Yards, where Trumbo played his home games last season, is a very hitter friendly park, but so is Coors Field. If you throw Trumbo into that stadium with the higher altitude, forget about it. I would be willing to put money down that Trumbo would hit at least 40 home runs next season. On top of that, just look at the lineup Trumbo would be thrown into. Guys like DJ Lemahieu, Ian Desmond, Trevor Story, David Dahl, and/or Carlos Gonzalez or Charlie Blackmon, and some guy named Nolan Arenado. That could potentially be a real scary lineup that could do some serious damage, especially in Colorado.

Trumbo has been connected to numerous teams, including the Orioles, Indians, Mariners, and Rangers. Since the Desmond signing, Fox Sport’s Ken Rosenthal says that the Rockies remain interested in Trumbo. However, the asking price at this point is still steep, as Trumbo is asking for around $75 million or more over four years.

With Carlos Gonzalez extension talks having gone nowhere, if I’m the Rockies I’m jumping all over the idea of having the power hitting first baseman come to play in Coors Field.


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