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Player Preview: Adam Frazier

Photo courtesy of MLB
Photo courtesy of MLB

Adam Frazier is not elite. He did not make it to the majors until he was twenty-five and, even when he did, he was just a back-up. He’s the guy that the Pirates go to when injuries come up or starters need a rest. He’s a fill-in, but a fill in that can play almost every position. So yeah, Adam Frazier is not elite. He’s a super utility player.

Up until the Mets trade that sent off Neil Walker for Jon Niese and a bag of chips (the bag of chips had a better WAR), Josh Harrison was the one bouncing all over the field. His defensive flexibly made it so he could play anywhere from third to the outfield. It was like he could do anything. With the departure of Walker, Harrison took over at second, and, by halfway through last season, the metaphorical torch was passed on to Frazier.

Frazier may not be Harrison, but he’s getting there. Last season, he hit at an .301 clip with eleven RBIs and two homers in 146 plate apperances. This does not tell half of the story. Frazier was a highlight reel on defense in both the infield and outfield. He robbed players of base-hits and even homers. Things Josh Harrison had become known for. However, Josh Harrison has not been able to replicate the magic of his 2014 campaign. His RBIs were up in 2016, but with a significant drop in homers, batting average, and defensive prowess. Harrison is not the person who took the league by storm only three years ago.

It’s getting around the time for Frazier to have his own breakout year. A year where he wills himself into being a constant in the starting line-up, no matter what position. A year of dingers and nail-biting catches. Let’s hope he’s not a one-year wonder.

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