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Major League Mayhem’s 2017 Fantasy Rankings: 11-20

Some of our Major League Mayhem writers, Austin Perodeau (AP), Michael Ferro (MF), Connor Kurcon (CK), Jason Gold (JG), and Rhys White (RW) have compiled a list of the top 50 players in fantasy for 2017. I’m here to bring you the much anticipated 21-30 list. We’ve used our own (biased) opinions and the information available to us from numerous sources to put together these rankings, so feel free to disagree with us in the comments and explain why every one of our picks is wrong.


11. Anthony Rizzo, 1B – one of the most well rounded and consistent hitters in baseball. 31-32 homeruns and .385-.387 OBP in the last 3 years. You can get any more consistent than that, and that’s what you pay for at #11. (I like to draft safely this early, not risky) Great lineup should keep his RBI and R totals as high as possible too. -CK

Washington Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer throws during a baseball game against the New York Mets at Nationals Park, Wednesday, June 29, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

12. Max Scherzer, SP - The consensus #2 pitcher in fantasy. The finger issue may give you pause but don’t let it stop you from drafting the ultimate strikeout artist. Expect another Cy Young worthy season from the K-King in 2017. -JG


13. Carlos Correa, SS - One of the youngest players on this list at 22, Carlos Correa is close to being a five tool player. His power and contact are already there, but his fielding could be better. He still has time to develop and is a great pick for dynasty leagues. -MF


14. Trea Turner, OF/SS - The rookie burst onto the scene in 2016 putting together a slash of .342/53/13/40/33 in just 342 PA’s. He should be due to some regression because he never showed this degree of power in the minors, and his average was propped up by an unsustainable .388 BABIP. I would be expecting something more inline with .290/90/15/70/40 which is still elite for a middle infielder. It is a risk taking a player with only 350 PA’s in the major’s in the second round, are you the type of person that likes risks? -AP


15. Charlie Blackmon, OF - Blackmon is just like every other Colorado hitter and should pay  tribute to the baseball gods for landing in Coors. Blackmon’s ability to provide 20 homers and 15 steals provides the power speed combo that every manager is looking for, he gets helped by Coors and that will help you bring home a title. -RW


16. Freddie "Big Fred" Freeman, 1B – Freeman got the shaft getting ranked so low. Jason and I campaigned for him, but the other guys weren’t having it. Freddie broke through last year and I see no reason why he can’t repeat. Being in a terrible lineup didn’t stop him from having 90+ RBI and 100+ R. Freddie and Rizzo should be back to back in standard leagues. It was (literally) a flip of a coin for me. Freddie does take a bit of a hit in leagues that penalize strikeouts though (178 in 2016). -CK


17. Miguel Cabrera, 1B - We've reached the point with Miggy that no case needs to be made for drafting him. The only reason for caution is the logic that one of the best hitters of all time has to slow down eventually...right? -JG


18. Noah Syndergaard, SP - The young flamethrower has established himself as the Mets’ ace in a rotation that features Matt Harvey and Jacob DeGrom. Not only are his pitches blazing fast, but his control is great too. Look for him to be a strikeout machine and to improve his ERA. -MF


19. Joey Votto, 1B -  The man of two halves in 2016. He hit over .400 in the second half of last season, with 15 home runs. He is a player with a high floor, which will give you a 20-30 home run year, and a high average. His ability to score runs and Rbi’s are team dependent, the Reds are not a great team but were 18th in runs scored last season. Ideally, he could be paired with a high upside player like Trea Turner to give a solid base to your team. -AP


20. Madison Bumgarner, SP - By far one of the most consistent pitchers in the MLB, grabbing him will give your team a certain safety that no other ace provides. He has been able to start at least 30 games since 2011, and has been one of the game's best since arriving full time in the Bay Area. -RW

Jason Gold
Braves fanatic. Raised in Turner Field

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