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Giants beat Diamondbacks 8-4, everything is OK.

Gorkys Hernandez led the Giants to a 8-4 win with 4 RBI

Credit- Sportews

After the sadness that was Sunday’s game, I hoped for a Giants win tonight even more so than I usually hope for a Giants win. Let’s get into it.


Johnny Cueto took the mound, and that was a treat as he is probably my favorite pitcher in the MLB. He has so much fun playing baseball. The first inning included a Hunter Pence double but not much else. The 2nd is where the fun began. With Eduardo Nunez and Joe Panik on first and second base, Johnny Cueto came up. With one out, this is a bunt situation. Johnny cueto is a career .106 hitter. Paul Goldschmidt probably knew this and decided to play 20 feet away from home plate.

Johnny Cueto slapped a ground ball that would have been an easy play for Goldschmidt, and maybe even a double play. This was only the beginning of the fun.

Gorkys Hernandez had the first two of his 4 RBI with a blooper to right field. Then Christian Marrero scored Crawford on a sac fly in the third, and everything was smooth.

Then came the bottom half of the third. Wow, Johnny Cueto’s pitching pretty well. He might have a chance to throw a shu-



Oh no.


Not again.


Now, in 2016 this is a game the Giants lose. The offense gets shut down, and then the bullpen blows it.


Knock Knock.



It’s Brandon Crawford. And then it was 4-2, and my heart rate decreased. But this game was still quite blowable. Then Johnny Cueto hit one up the middle, and Chris Owings really wanted to field it, but aw, shucks he couldn’t.


Then there was more offense, like this one.



Then Brandon Belt hit a RBI double and I was feeling quite confident in this game, as a competent major league team should be able to finish a 8-2 game. Then Jake Lamb hit a 2-run home run and I was a little bit worried. It was a 4- run game and Arizona was building momentum. But nothing happened the rest of the game. Nothing. It was a nice, painless second half of the game for the Giants. Hopefully there will be more of these.
I think the player of the game has to go to Gorkys Hernandez, he went 2-5 with a walk and 4 RBI. He also made a few nice catches. Gorkys wasn’t really considered to be competing for the left field job, especially after his bad game on Sunday. However, more games like these and he could be in the running.

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