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Episode IV: A New Hope, Zack Collins

The White Sox’  10th overall draft pick in 2016

The Chicago White Sox had the 10th overall pick in 2016’s amateur draft. With this, they chose Zack Collins. This was not the first time that Collins had been in the draft, he was taken by the Reds at the 27th round in 2013. He turned it down, and went to Miami to attend on a baseball scholarship. This was apparently the correct option, as he led the Hurricanes to back to back college World Series appearances, and led the NCAA Division I in walks, with 78, and was second in OBP, with .544. Not surprisingly, this caused him to have a bit higher value in 2016. From all accounts, his bat makes him a strong contender for best all around hitting prospect out there. He’s currently ranked as the #80 prospect in all of baseball by

Now, the best part of it all? Collins is a catcher. A decent one at that. A decent catcher with a strong bat is a fantastic thing to come across, particularly when you know the history behind the last half decade of catching at the position in our organization, which could be argued as one of the worst in baseball. What I see is that Collins is the catcher the White Sox have needed for 5 years now, and is quite possibly the best person that could have come along while in our current rebuild. This isn’t some propaganda piece trying to pass him off as the next Roy Campanella, but when a team hasn’t had a catcher with more than 40 games hit above .240 since 2012, someone like this is a Godsend. If he can stay healthy, and if he develops to his potential, which the White Sox will do everything in their power to make sure it happens if they know what’s best for them, he’s predicted to be ready for our upcoming, much-anticipated 2018 season.

I firmly believe that Collins can develop into one of the centerpieces of the new and improved White Sox. Collins, Micheal Copech, and Reynaldo Lopez, both RHP valued highly as pitching prospects, are set to be ready by the 2018 season. Alongside Yoan Moncada, the top prospect in baseball, Luis Basabe, a switch-hitting center fielder set to take over our second weakest position, and Lucas Giolito, the #1 pitching prospect, give the Sox a huge potential for the 2018 season. Only time will tell how Collins will handle his performance, but personally, I cannot wait to see the guy in action. It’s a good time for a White Sox fan.

Spencer Tatum
17-year old baseball enthusiast. White Sox fan.

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