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Hot/Cold Fantasy Sleepers Pt II: Joc Pederson, Javy Baez

"Sleepers" in today's fantasy baseball landscape is a buzzword. With considerable research possible at our fingertips, and so many people doing  outstanding work in the fantasy baseball world, sleepers don’t remain “sleepers” for long. Two of the many fantasy darlings of this offseason are Javy Baez and Joc Pederson. Of

What to Expect From The Chicago Cubs in 2017

The Cubs finally broke the 108 year curse and came back from a 3-1 deficit to the Cleveland Indians to win the 2016 World Series! What can we expect from the defending champions in 2017? How will the losses of key players affect the clubhouse atmosphere? Will the new additions be enough to propel the Cubs back to the postseason?

Why Cubs Fans Needn’t Worry About J-Hey

Chicago hero and Cubs GM Theo Epstein inked RF Jason Heyward to an eight-year, $184MM deal this past offseason (average annual value $23MM). At the time this seemed to many like a fantastic signing. The Cubs got a twenty-six year old outfielder with a fantastic glove and a great bat