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Cardinals, Mike Matheny Agree on New Contract

Thursday afternoon, the St. Louis Cardinals announced that they have reached an agreement with manager Mike Matheny to bring him back on a three year deal through the 2020 season. Cardinals owner Bill Dewitt Jr. said, “Mike has continued the Cardinals tradition of winning in his first five years as manager and we are happy to extend his contract leading our club on the field through 2020.”
Matheny took over for Tony La Russa as the Cardinals manager after the 2011 season. In five years as the skipper, Matheny has led the Cardinals to four playoff berths, including three NL Central titles, and a trip to the World Series in 2013. in fact, this year was the first season since 2010 that the Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs, as they fell a game short of the NL Wild Card.
However, history shows the playoff drought shouldn’t be long as the Cardinals haven’t gone more than two years in a row without making the playoffs in the current millennium. Even though the end goal wasn’t achieved this season, extending the fifth year manager shows the front office still has faith in his abilities to lead the club moving forward.

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