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Braves chase Jason Castro


After being linked with 3 high profile pitchers yesterday, the Braves appear to be looking at options to strengthen the other half of the battery. Buster Olney is reporting that the Braves are one of a number of teams with “serious interest” in free agent catcher Jason Castro.

Castro is coming off 6 seasons with the Houston Astros, during which he hit for .232 with a .309 OBP, 62 HR and 212 RBI. The highlight of his career so far was his lone All-Star season in 2013, though at this point that season looks to be an outlier as he has been unable to reach that level of performance since.

Atlanta is looking to strengthen what was one of their weakest positions in 2016, a season which saw them play four different players behind the plate. They started the season with veteran A.J. Pierzinski and ended with a platoon of Tyler Flowers and Anthony Recker. Flowers, who was signed as a free agent last offseason, is coming off the best season of his career. Castro could make a natural platoon partner for Flowers, who had a .767 OPS against lefties while Castro posted a similar .757 OPS against right handers last season. Castro is seen throughout the league as a better defensive catcher, however, as well as a better pitch-framer which could be vital for Atlanta’s group of young pitchers.

Jason Gold
Braves fanatic. Raised in Turner Field

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