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Way too early 2017 season predictions

Here is a way too early 2017 season prediction, (As rosters stand right now) MVP (Cy Young's included): NL: Nolan Arenado (He is due to hit over 50 Homers at least one of these years and i believe Bud Black will give him the freedom to do so, and if he bumps up

Arizona Fall League: and its many stars

So you like Infield stat stuffers like Javier Baez, so you like speedsters (not a flash reference but take it however you want) like Billy Hamilton,so you like genuine left-handed First baseman like Freddie Freeman, so you like quality pitchers like Bartolo Colon and fireballers like Noah Syndergaard, well the

What Jose Fernandez meant to the game of Baseball

When i woke up to Twitter on Sunday morning. I saw all these tweets about Jose Fernandez dying. I honestly thought for a second and said "no it can't be" and as more news broke, my heart saddened more and more. You see Jose Fernandez wasn't just another player in