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Commissioner Rob Manfred Changes the Intentional Walk

The days of the four pitch intentional walk are officially over. The commissioner's office announced Tuesday that intentional walks will now be signaled by the dugout, no longer by the classic four pitch walk. This comes on the heels of Commissioner Rob Manfred restating how he wants to adjust the

Is the Sacrifice Fly a Good Play?

Kevin Kwasny Photography

The sac fly. We see it all the time. The batter hits it hard and deep, but just not well enough. The runner tags and scores, and both players get their share of high fives from the dugout. Here is Gary Sanchez hitting a sacrifice fly on an (attempted) intentional

What to Expect From The Chicago Cubs in 2017

The Cubs finally broke the 108 year curse and came back from a 3-1 deficit to the Cleveland Indians to win the 2016 World Series! What can we expect from the defending champions in 2017? How will the losses of key players affect the clubhouse atmosphere? Will the new additions be enough to propel the Cubs back to the postseason?