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Gone Too Soon

*The first part of this article was something that I felt like I needed to put down.  I did not plan on writing that, but it just happened.  I originally wanted to write an open letter to any athlete in professional sports, but when looking at the ages and the

Could Manny Machado End Up In Atlanta?

The Baltimore Orioles are in a precarious position heading into 2017 and beyond. They share a division with perennial heavyweights Boston and New York, both of which show no signs of weakening anytime soon. They have overachieved in the past few seasons, beating their pythagorean (expected) record by an average

Subjectivity in Baseball

It's been a long time since I've written something, but better late than never, right? Maybe not. Anyway. Recently I received, and accepted an internship at Inside Edge which I am obviously over the moon about. It's a company still based around data, however it's data charted by humans, as

Previewing The Atlanta Braves Starting Rotation In 2017

After a surprisingly strong finish to the 2016 season, the Atlanta Braves quickly addressed the teams’ biggest weakness heading into 2017: the starting rotation. Atlanta’s pitching staff ranked near the bottom of the league in most statistical categories last season. The rotation was plagued by injuries throughout the year, forcing

A-Rod is Done, For Good

There will not be a third coming of Alex Rodriguez in 2017. According to numerous sources, Ron Berkowitz, Rodriguez's spokesperson, stated that A-Rod has decided to call it a career, and will continue his role as a 'special advisor' for the Yankees. Although he will not be donning the pinstripes, the Yankees will

Examining The Free Agent Wasteland

Welcome to 2017. The hot stove has practically frozen over, and as of today there are 143 major league free agents still looking for their next team. More than 90 percent of those 143 players won’t make a difference on whatever team they end up with. The other 10 percent

Should The Angels Trade Mike Trout?

What would happen to a GM if he decided to trade a player who has a Rookie of the year award, five straight top-two finishes in the MVP voting including two wins, five silver sluggers, five all-star appearances, a triple slash line of .306/.405/.557, 168 career homeruns, and 497 RBI’s?